Whole of School

The most economical way to obtain StudentCover is on a ‘Whole of School’ basis.

The cost for ‘Whole of School’ cover is just $9 per student (subject to a minimum cost of $280 for any one school). The cost is based on your estimated enrolment for the year and is not adjusted thereafter, even if enrolments increase.

Cover commences from your date of acceptance (subject to underwriter approval) and continues until March 1st, the following year.

For more information on the benefits of StudentCover click here.

How to get ‘Whole of School’ cover

Read our StudentCover Financial Services Guide (FSG) which will explain details about our company and our relationship with you.

Read the “Whole of School” PDS. As part of the application you will be required to acknowledge that you have read and understood this important document.

Print and complete the Application and Declaration form and either fax or post it to EBM.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate email us and we’ll contact you, or call us to discuss (contact details below).

Contact Details

Phone: 1300 783 878

Fax: 08 9213 4563

Mail: PO Box 1065, West Perth WA 6872

Email: StudentCover

Schools Online

Our aim is to keep the cost of StudentCover within the reach of ALL parents. Many schools across Australia already assist by passing on information to parents and guardians on our behalf. From there on it is up to the parent/guardian to act, should they believe it is a protection that they would like.

StudentCover have an online portal ‘Schools Online’, where you can order hard copies of the information flyers, access articles to include in your communications with parents and notices that you may wish to include in your newsletters (we can customise the size to suit your requirements).

You can access this portal by visiting

Target Market Determination

Target Market Determination