Claims Information for StudentCover



To ensure your claim is handled in the most efficient manner please follow the instructions carefully.

If your son or daughter has been involved in an incident that could give rise to a claim under the StudentCover insurance policy please follow these procedures (DO NOT submit the claim directly to the Insurer):

  1. Submit invoices to Medicare and Private Health Fund (if applicable) and obtain statement detailing what benefits have been paid – this should be done before submitting the completed Claim Form and Physicians Statement to EBM.
  2. Complete a StudentCover Claim Form.
  3. The claim form needs to be completed then signed off by the School. The Attending physicians Statement must also be completed.
  4. Once the remittance advice has been received from Medicare and the Private Fund (if applicable), please submit the claim documentation to EBM at:

PO Box 1065

DO NOT submit the claim directly to the Insurer.

EBM will forward the claim form to the Insurer who will confirm receipt and issue a claim number. The claim settlement cheque will be forwarded to EBM who will pass on to your mailing address.

Download a Claim Form here


Important Information

Below is an outline of some important information concerning the Student Cover policy:

The policy only responds to Non-Medicare related accounts, therefore any accounts that are covered by Medicare cannot be claimed.

Non-Medicare medical expenses means:

  • Expenses that are not subject to any full or partial Medicare rebate, nor recoverable by an Insured Person from any other source
  • Incurred within 12 calendar months of the Insured sustaining the injury

The “Medicare Gap” is not covered by the Student Cover policy in accordance with Government regulations.

The “Private Health Gap” is covered only in respect of school activities or where they relate to overseas medical costs and a $20 excess of each loss applies.

You are responsible to have the Attending Physician’s Statement (APS) completed. The insurers will not reimburse you for any expense incurred.

For more information please refer to the second page of the Policy Wording section 10.

Circumstances and documentation will vary from claim to claim; the above information is typical for an injury.

Should you have any questions regarding a claim please contact us.