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Unfortunately it is far too easy for children to be injured through everyday activities such as cycling, running in the park or even playing organised sport. Even at school there are many ways that students can suffer injuries. These unfortunate occurrences can all too easily create financial pressures for families that lead them to seek compensation from those they see at fault.

StudentCover was developed by EBM in 1995 to insure students against injury 7 days a week, anywhere in the world*.


Individual Students

Cover can be provided to individual students at a total cost of just $29 per year. See more details on Individual StudentCover here.


Whole of School

Alternatively cover can be arranged on a ‘Whole of School‘ basis for as little as $9.00 per student (minimum cost $280).


Schools Online

Schools Online also has a range of information available for schools to provide students with; easy to order and at no cost to the school.


*Some conditions apply. Please refer to the .