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Accidents and injuries do happen, especially to children!

The cost of medical treatment, disability and ongoing care can place enormous financial stress on families. Unfortunately parents are too often surprised to learn just how little cover, if any, their children have when they are at school or at play.

You can’t prevent an accident, but you can have peace of mind for just $29 per year.

StudentCover Student Accident Insurance is an affordable way to protect your child 24/7* at school and elsewhere, and is underwritten by one of the world’s leading insurers. StudentCover is applicable to students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Where are you covered?

At Home

Even at home accidents can occur far too easily. And should the unfortunate occur, it’s nice to have peace-of-mind that StudentCover will be there to assist.

At Play

No parent wants to stop kids being kids, but whether it be climbing a tree, riding a skateboard or simply mucking around, injuries can and do occur.

At School

Unfortunately children injured at school or during school activities are likely to have little if any cover to assist with expenses you may incur.

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